FreinLazzara Demonstrative Evidence
Sequence Illustrations

The most common misconception about Demonstrative Evidence is its cost doesn’t warrant its use in small cases. Frein Lazzara’s staff will tailor your exhibits to fit your cases issues as well as its budget. One very successful way to have the impact of a computer animation but not its expense is to create a series of spot illustrations that can be created especially for your case. These spot illustrations reflect movement with out moving. You can have as little as three illustrations to make the point without having to go to the whole expense of creating animations. These start off as hand illustrations which are incorporated into the computer for enhancing, thus cutting production time significantly and keeping the costs manageable.

The same care for accuracy and detail are utilized in this service. We can illustrate a point in time by working hand in hand with your client. Their inputs to the facts of the moment are instrumental to preparing a believable exhibit series.