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Frein Lazzara, Ltd, is the fastest growing DEMONSTRATIVE EVIDENCE firm in the region today, we are always looking for exceptionally skilled individuals for placement in all areas of our company. While the computer has opened doors within the entire graphics industry, we do not solely look to computer literacy as a measure for our applicants. Every potential employee, whether for full time or internship positions, will have to be able to have a grasp of the complexities of the entire field of Demonstrative Evidence.

Set aside the pressures seen at a typical graphics or advertising company, the field of demonstrative evidence instills higher demands and challenges the most accomplished design professional. One key word – ADMISSIBILITY – that is backbone of every exhibit produced. The guidelines that govern an exhibits admissibility challenges its very design. The ability to simplify complex situations while preparing a clear and concise graphic exhibit is an art form unto itself.

Frein Lazzara also offers unique opportunities for high school and college art majors by providing year round internship programs allowing these individuals that are just starting their careers a platform for which to obtain that needed experience in the field. We have had great success within these programs and at times provided fulltime employment at the end of the individual’s internship.

Frein Lazzara offers competitive wages, a comprehensive benefits package (health coverage, 401(k), tuition reimbursement, profit sharing, etc.) and rewards intellect, attitude, and the achievement of professional goals. Salary will commensurate with experience and qualifications. Background checks are an employment requirement. EOE.

Frein Lazzara’s office is conveniently located in Westbury, NY, a short walk from Westbury’s LIRR train station and just a few minutes from the LIE, Northern and Meadowbrook State Parkways.

Click here to email FreinLazzara your resume, cover letter, samples of your work and salary requirements, or fax them to 516-977-3044.