FreinLazzara Demonstrative Evidence
Multimedia Presentations

PowerPoint is fast becoming overused by a majority of today’s novice presenters. How many times do you sit through a presentation more distracted by the special effects of the presentation rather than paying attention to the actual issue at hand? At Frein Lazzara, ltd. our credo is to focus on the subject at hand, not where the next slide will originate from or how the bullets will appear on the screen. We are highly skilled in the production of multimedia presentations that capture the mind of the viewer not just the imagination. Multimedia has had an enormous influence on people's perceptions of the presentation that they are watching. Even though information is communicated more effectively when it is presented visually, its presentation must not be distracting. Frein Lazzara provides the pivotal design and layout that plays the essential role in how the presentation is received. Today’s multimedia presentations must include the added fluff to keep the audience’s attention (charts, graphs, time lines, illustrations, photographs, documents, animation, audio, video, etc), these are added to clarify and enhance the message being portrayed not overshadow it.

Frein Lazzara supplies all the necessary hardware (computers, monitors, TV's, projectors, projection screens, etc.) and skilled technicians to set up and run your presentation, wherever it may be. Daily rentals or weekly/long-term leases are available at very reasonable and competitive prices. We will also supply the handouts and backup materials necessary to distribute to your audience.