FreinLazzara Demonstrative Evidence
Technical Illustrations

Frein Lazzara, ltd. specializes in the preparation of isometric and schematic technical illustrations. Understanding the engineered blueprint and converting those static 2-Dimensional spec diagrams into photorealistic 3-dimensional illustrations comes second nature to our staff. Preparation of exhibits designed to convey complex issues clearly and concisely is extremely useful in legal presentations. It is always a gamble assuming the audience will understand the technical jargon that can be emitted by an engineering expert on the stand. Providing them with easy to understand graphics will keep your audiences attention with a far better retention factor.

Frein Lazzara has successfully utilized 2 and 3-Dimensional illustrations to depict information so everyone can easily understand. Exhibit illustrations can be enhanced further by combining with movable or magnetic components that will add impact while helping focus on the important points of the exhibit. Simple mis-use of color, type and style can destroy the ideas behind the exhibits and loose the juror’s attention during confusing testimony. Allow our specialists to help you make the dramatic difference in the presentation of your evidence.