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Computer Animations

Animations are becoming more accepted in everyday legal proceedings. With software costs dropping and the diversity of the advances in platforms they are the fastest growing tool in the legal industry. Computer technology has been diminishing the boundaries of what can be achieved and created for presentations. Animations have been successfully utilized in the recreation of auto accidents, construction disputes, patent infringement, environmental issues, personal injury and commercial fraud cases, however, the uses are limitless.

Frein Lazzara’s professionals have worked hand in hand with accident reconstruction, biomechanical, electrical and physical engineers to produce animations for all facets of legal proceedings. Because of its “trendy” status, extra efforts have to be addressed when considering the need for animations. The venue, subject matter and budget all need to be thought of so mistakes are not made. The strict guidelines that govern admissibility will determine if the facts of the case warrant the expenditure.

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Automotive Battery Typical Operation & Malfunction Sequence Animations Battery Overview Battery Chemical Makeup Battery Incident Scenario
Automotive accident sequence Brazil Overhead HiRez Brazil Rear Following HiRez Brazil Action Panning HiRez
Product liability & comparison sequence Crib Assembly Crib Comparison Crib Incident Scenerio
Another Automotive accident sequence Van Accident Reconstruction 02 Overhead Van Accident Reconstruction 02 3qtr View Van Accident Reconstruction 02 Drivers View